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What Fashion Did (Original Story)

“C’mon my friend told me to buy this magazine. Everyone has it, It has all the latest fashions and where to buy it. Like the cutest tanktops and shorts. The newest fashion in the city!”

“What kind of fashion?”

“Do you live in a cave or something? All the girls wear skinny jeans or shorts, a hot tanktop, and have perfect hair! Thats the fashion and you will look amazing if you try that out…How come youre always wearing something that looks like from youre grandma’s closet? No offense. But you need to be part of this century girl.”

“Then how come you girls are really “opressing” yourself by freely showing your body? You tell us, the covered ones, that we’re dealt with unjustly but really its you guys that are going out so confidently but the next thing you know, something terrible happens to you. Thats called unjust & opressed. Your torturing your own body. Look, this kind of fashion only shows your body in the wrong way and really why would you want to show the world that? I wear these ‘grandma’ loose clothing so that I become just with my body and myself. After all when you do get married, would you want some guy who cheats on you and gets all the girls? in the same way, He doesnt want you cheating on him that way.” I said.

“Oh whatever, Youre being all religious on me. Besides you only have a while to have this perfect body.”

“Exactly, and you only have a while till your life is over, How are you so sure youre going to live by tomorrow? So if you know that youre not suppose to show your legs, show any part, wear tight clothing then how will you be answerable to Allah when you will be gone who knows when? And this isnt religious, Its the truth that you are blindly ignoring, This ‘fashion’ that you all call is just another way for women to get themselves in harm and lose the smallest of modesty that they have. If you only had looked at the women all the way back then. When women had modesty they stayed away from all shameful acts. Men actually respected women then, they lowered their gazes. And now? If you see some girl at the beach, you should also see how many people look at her, Its not so easy lowering this gaze. She may think that everyone loves her, but its not her, its the body.”
(end of conversation)

“Haya’ (modesty) and Iman (faith) are two that go together. If one is lifted, the other is also lifted.”

It was a Saturday and my friend, Mariam, a muslim took me to the mall. She wasnt a hijabi but I was. We went to a magazine store and we kind of got into an argument, it was the first time we ever talked about how we dressed. She was all into fashion but I never liked it, maybe it was how Allah guided us. But I had a fear in my heart that I would hurt her if I ever told her that what she wore wasnt right. Then again why did I fear her when I was suppose to fear Allah?

” It is only Satan who suggests to you the fear of his awliyaa` [supporters and friends]. Do not fear them, but fear Me, if you are of the Believers” (Qur’an 3:175)

She thought that as long as the clothing wasnt tottally messed up it was fine, but What was the meaning of ‘tottally messed up’? I asked to myself. “Shorts up to the knees are ‘OKAY’ Adeeba, Come on! Try them out” Mariam would tell me. I never replied but just denied. Though during later times I would have thought, If Allah told us to completely cover up and show what was just normal, like face, hands and feet then I was pretty sure Allah wouldnt accept any excuses.

‘And Say to the believing women to lower their gaze, and protect their private parts and not to show off their adornment except only that which is apparent (normal to the eye i.e eyes, hands, feet etc), and to draw their veils all over Juyubihinna (i.e. their bodies, necks, head, and bosoms) [Surah An-Nur, Verses 30-31]

It was a week later when Mariam called me again.
“Hey, Adeeba, How are you?”
“Assalam o Alaykum Mariam, Glad you called, Alhamdulillah I am great, Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, I guess…Just wanted to say Im sorry I didnt mean to get all tempered with you.”
“Allah forgive me, I was getting a little snappy too, I shouldnt have done that. But anyways to tell you the truth I didnt have a grudge against you. The real one you need to say sorry with is Allah.”
…………….. *beep*
She hung up on me. I knew she would, everytime Allah’s name was mentioned she would be in an unease, a weird mood as if it was forbidden! Subhan’Allah! Truly it is Allah who guides us and gives us fear in our hearts.
The next day in my college, Mariam was with her other ‘real american best friends’ and this time even worse. She wore the most unmodest clothing she had. She looked at me and smiled, not any ordinary smile, the one where she was mocking me. Showing right in front of my face that she didnt care what I thought.
Subhan’Allah! Who did she think she was mocking? It wasnt me she was disobeying, it was Allah.

A few weeks later……….
———-———- ———————————–—
| YOU ARE INVITED!                                      |
| Who?: you and all her best friends             |
| What?: To Mariam’s birthday pool party! |
| Where?: At a reserved hotel                        |
| When?: On her 18th bday: June. 28th,      |
| 9 pm to 1:00 am                                             |
| Why?: To celebrate!                                      |
| Info: Bring your bathing suits, Your on     |
| her VIP list!                                                    |

I saw it on the floor, a card, an invitation card. Apparently everyone was buzzing around about, but I didnt recieve one. I cried when I read the whole thing, Was it really me who she was after or was it that she was so far from Allah that much? Astagfirullah. Why disobey Allah?

So on the day of the ‘big party’, Where all our colleagues was invited to, except me, I stayed home and prayed to Allah that please give my friend hadiyah. That was simply the only thing I could have done. Allah knows what was happening in the pool party, I had prayed she would somehow come back to modesty and come on the path to Islam.
The phone rang….

“Assalam O Alaykum, Adeeba speaking, who is this?”

“Walaykumuslam Adeeba! How are you? I havent talked to you in so long!”

“Oh hello Auntie, Alhamdulillah im great, How is Mariam’s brothers and sisters? Sorry auntie I havent talked to you much, have been so busy lately with the studying. So what made you call?”

“Theyre fine too. Its okay, Its good that you’ve been studying.. I called because I wanted to know How is my daughter Mariam? She told me that she was going to your home to celebrate her birthday..I was really worried if everything was okay, She told she would call but its been hours. Can I speak to her?”

“Uhm…. Excuse me? Auntie Misbah, Mariam never came here, she was suppose to have her birthday party at some hotel she invited her friends to.”

“What!? But… she lied to me? Oh Adeeba please call her, oh please, please im really worried, please tell her to come home!! What has she done? Please, please…” She was sobbing and crying very hard.

“Dont worry auntie, please dont cry, She is alright, just with her friends… I will call her though”

“No.. There is something wrong I know it.. She lied to me and Allah knows best of what she was doing but there’s something wrong please call her.”

“Okay, Dont worry, i will call her then inform you, Allah haffiz”

*Ring….. RING…. ring*
“Oh, What does this witch want?” Mariam asked herself as she was sitting near the pool. There was sounds of music and partying in the back. She picked up the phone.

“Hello, Mariam speaking. What do YOU want?”

“Assalam O Alaykum. Adeeba here, Look, Mariam where are you? Is everything alright? Your mother called me….”

“Okay? Look you idiot, Make up some lie to my freaking mom.. Im at my party, and I dont want you disturbing it, having way more fun than you are. SO NEXT TIME DONT CALL AGAIN!”

“Im not going to call again but hear my words. Mariam, I never knew that friends from childhood could be this much seperated just because one was trying to help the other one out. No one wants to go to Hell-fire. But the only ones that will truly stay away from it are the ones who are concious of it. And the people that arent thinks that everything is okay. But really isnt. Dont do this to yourself, I care about you and I love you. This isnt right, One day, Allah’s punishment will come. Please, please, Change yourself before its too late. Allah-Haffiz, Goodbye.”

I hung up. Heart broken. When her mother called and knew something was wrong then her mother was right; Something was going to happen…but what?…when?…. how?….Oh Allah, All I ask for is to put my friend on the right path to Islam………
It was around midknight so I dozed off.
The phone was ringing the next morning. I woke suddenly, I had a bad dream and it was fifty times worse.
*ringg… ringggg. dringggg*
What was it now? I thought….

“Err… Helloo… uhm……. who is this speaking?…”

“This is Dr. Manny speaking from the National Hospital in your local area. Are you Miss.Adeeba? Reportedly Mariam Ahmed’s close friend.. We needed a hold of a close friend or family member.”

“Yes. What happened? Is Mariam alright?”

“Sorry mam, but last night there had been a colossal accident. Traffic jams, Ambulance, police, everything. We have been informed that this teenager, 18 years old, light tan skin, jet black hair, brown eyes, was driving. Our investigators report that indeed her name was Mariam Ahmed. She had been intoxicated, and a gasoline truck was in front of the car….. so the rest you can infer. We have been calling her household and there seems to be no pick up. Mariam Ahmed is in critical condition, please call any of her family member you can reach and inform them. Thankyou.”

He hung up and I was left breathtaken, Allah’s promises are indeed true and fulfilled. Subhan’Allah, you really dont know your next move in life. Tears stung my eyes. “Oh Mariam if only you would have asked for Allah’s forgiveness.” I whispered.

It was a moment where I went to Mariam’s household and informing the family and the next moment where we were rushing to the hospital. Mariam’s mother, Misbah didnt stop crying since the moment she found out. In fact she was bawling. “Oh Allah! Oh Allah! Please have mercy on my daughter! Please forgive her! Oh Allah you are most merciful! Please save my daughter! Allahu Akbar!..” She was invocating when we were in the car on our way, it wasnt easy, i could say. A family of practicing muslims, Righteous pious people, knowing that their own daughter not only lied to them… but got into an accident because of Alcohol, was deffinitely a trial from their lord.

We got to the hospital, found the room number and immediately rushed to there. There was a doctor near the door waiting for us.
“Hi, This is Dr.Manny, the one that called. It seems that this accident lead to critical marks on your daughter, Mariam Ahmed’s whole body, serious third degree burns on her legs and arms. Also bone damage in her legs that might even lead her disabled, we arent sure yet. Her face has many scratches and marks. There was a deep one right near her eye, she was lucky that it didnt come on her eye because that would have lead her blind but it didnt. All you can do is pray that this wont affect her whole life. She is very lucky to survive this. Please go in quietly, thank you.

The news of this shocked Mariam’s mother & father even more than usual but what made them almost faint was looking at her when we got in. I closed my eyes, it was too much to see, it was too gruesome, Allahu Akbar! This was the end up of those who cared about their looks instead of deen. Atleast Allah showed her the punishment here, What will happen to those in Hell Fire? Astagfirullah!! May Allah save us, i thought.
She was still unconcious, but that was enough to her parents to lead them in utterness. They turned to Allah for forgivness.
I stared at her, a long and deep stare, right at her face. “Mariam, I know you regret it, regret everything youve done in life. But there’s still time, please ask Allah for forgiveness, its not so late… Allah had mercy on you to give you this sign in life! Turn to Allah and remember, see what happens to those who disobey Him.” I whispered in a low voice just enough that if she was awake she could hear it. And the next thing I saw, was that a small tear was running down her face. She was moving a little.
“Oh Mariam!! Youre awake! Are you alright? Doctor!! Please go call the nurse,” Misbah said to her husband.
He walked out and then it was just us. Misbah walked forward and got on her knees. She was holding her daughter’s hand.
“You’re my warrior and everything will be okay soon insh’Allah. dont cry princess, Tumh to meire rani ho, I will always be here.” She said very gently, I could understand her sorrow. A mother couldnt ever stand seeing her own child in extreme pain. Mariam was struggling to say something, she said something very lightly.. I didnt hear her but then she said it again.
“Please forgive me….. Oh Allah,” I was about to leave, It was a mother and daughter situation. Then she called me,
“Adeeba…. Adeeba…,” I turned around, I saw it. For the first time, I saw it. The true sorrow, the true sincere forgiveness in her eyes. She was weary and tired.
“Look …me in the eyes Adeeba…. and tell me that you forgive me…. For Allah’s sake, For our prophet’s sake[SAW]….Indeed I wronged my own soul.” She broke down in tears.

“As I said before, I never had a grudge against you, I love you, your my best friend and always will be Insh’Allah. All i asked from Allah was that he would give hadiyah to you and Subhan’Allah the power of Dua is powerful. He has many ways. And you asked for Allah’s forgiveness and Insh’Allah now my prayer is that he may forgive you,”
I walked up to her and gave her a small hug and a smile.
“May Allah heal you soon.” I walked towards the door.
“Okay Auntie, Ill see you insh’Allah soon. If any news at all about Mariam please call me. I have to be going now, My mom must be worried! Allah Haffiz, May Allah listen to your duas.” I left, I saw Mariam’s dad and nurse walking towards the opposite way. I waved goodbye and left the hospital.


“Adeeba Its One PM!! Wake up!!,” Mariam Shouted, laughing along way.
“you sleep like a bear and snort like one to! hehehe Just because we have sleepovers and wake up all night like idiots doesnt make an excuse for us to sleep that long!.” She said.
“Huh???? WHAT? JAAN!!!!…..wait… you arent the prince i was dreaming of… Aww… Hahahha okay im awake.”
“Dont worry JAAN shaitaan’s tricks come in varieties… HMPH prince! my foot!…” Mariam joked. Adeeba got up and cleaned herself.
“Hey, did you have trouble getting up? You should have called me from the other side! How long will you be on the wheelchair anyways?” Adeeba asked.
“Not long at all, in fact I’ll be in a cast next week!… After that we can go to the mall! Yaar did you hear some muslim is coming out with a hijabi store in the mall? Im so excited! I so need a pink scarf. Then i dont have to compete with you!” Mariam teased.
“HA-HA VERY FUNNY! you know youre beautiful in whatever scarf you wear. Anyways, I’ll do Wu’du and we can both go to the masjid, Okay?”

It was a week, Mariam had stayed in the hospital. And in the mean time I would go to her and read Quran, teach her all the teachings of the Quran. Doctor said that she would stay in a wheelchair, She wasnt disabled but she needed it for a period of time. Truly Allah did give Hadiyah to this girl, her intentions completely changed from there on. Immediately when she came home she told me she wanted to wear Hijab and change all her type of clothes, so i gave her half of myne.She loved it, Tottally fell in love. It was true, people stared at her because of the marks on her face but that never changed her. She didnt care at all, all she would say was, “Allah had mercy on me and now whatever happens I will obey him.”

Mariam at times would tell me stories of her old life. She said she would go with boys, gossiped behind me, wear revealing clothes and disobeyed her parents. It would get her really emotional so I wouldnt talked about it, what happened back then was then the past. But
When Allah gives you guidance no one can change you!

[“Whomever Allah guides, no one can misguide, and whomever Allah misguides, no one can guide.”]

(A year later) One day, Mariam came up to me very quietly; she was really happy but was fearing about something at the same time. We were in the masjid at first, She came up to me after praying. She whispered;
“Adeeba, listen here, its very important, Pray that Allah grants me Jannah, thats all.”
“Mariam I pray for you always. Why so important this time?”
“No please, Pray that Allah forgives me.” She pleaded.
“Okay, Now Ill just drop you off at your home and stay there for a while. Lets go.” We went to Mariam’s home and Mariam went straight for her room. She sat on her bed, and recited Surah Fatiha. After she was done she took a long stare at me and smiled, there were no words but just peace.
“Adeeba The prophet SAW said that dont you dare die but as a muslim. Do you think ive completed my role as a muslim?”
“Allah knows best and I as a witness say that you indeed came on the right path.”
“There is no god but Allah and Muhammed peace be upon him is his messenger. O Allah please forgive me.” ………….
I was wondering at the time why she was acting so strange, I looked at her and saw she was staring at the ceiling, her gaze fixed and right there. She was in perfect peace. It was time and the time was done.
“Inna Lillaahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raaji’oon”[‘To Allaah we belong and to Him is our return.’]

“Every soul shall have taste of death; In the end to us shall ye be brought back.” (Surah Al-‘Ankabut The Spider 29:57)

Hot tears fell from my eyes. I got closer and there was a beautiful scent, I smiled. A believer indeed.
“May Allah give you Jannah.”
It was at the funeral when I realized, how little was this life. Everyone had said it a bajillion times but you only realize it when you lose a close one. Mariam Ahmed a girl who was deeply in duniya, did she ever think about death when she was out and about? This duniya is so attracting and decieving, it seemed that everything would be okay. She even thought that she would be saved from punishment but a preview of that Hell-Fire did come to her and behold! She bowed down to Allah’s will. Whoever is reading this story, I want to just say this: No matter how fun duniya is, partying, wearing whatever you can, going past Allah’s boundaries; do you ever think about the punishment? Mariam had only a little punishment compared to the Hell-Fire; Allah had mercy on her and showed her how bad the punishment will be if she didnt stop. But how will you know Allah will have mercy on you? When you do something youre parents told you not to, you always have a fear that they will find out and punish you but think Allah SWT knows EVERYTHING you do and he is All-Mighty, All-powerful and when you do something wrong dont you think his punishment will be worse?. As I said to my Friend, I will say it to you too. Turn to Allah before its too late because death is at your door step but Allah’s mercy is even closer.

Thanks for reading my story hoped you liked it! Indeed the moral was to encourage you to come on the right path: May Allah guide us All.
Jazak’Allah Khair.
By; Tehzeeb.


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